Fast, Cost-Effective, Secure Full Truckload Services in Latin America & the USA

Choose full truckload services when you want fast, versatile road transportation anywhere in the Americas. With a dedicated full truckload carrier assigned to your shipment, you have full control over the entire shipping process.

Rapid Transit for Freight

Because your goods don’t have to wait for shipment consolidation, an FTL service is often the fastest way to transport your merchandise by road.

Cost-Effective Carriage

Full truckload rates are cheaper than those for other forms of road transportation. Provided your load is big enough, an FTL service offers the cheapest way to move goods by land.

Secure Transportation

An FTL service is the safest way to transport goods because, unlike LTL shipping, your load is handled only at the pickup and drop-off points, minimizing the chances of damage or loss.

What is FTL Freight Forwarding and When Does it Make Most Sense?

FTL logistics refers to a mode of shipping in which a truck is assigned exclusively to a single shipment belonging to a single shipper. FTL shippers benefit from isolation of their goods in transit and direct trucking from origin to destination with minimal handling.

Here are three instances in which it makes a lot of sense to seek an FTL freight quote and for which full truckload services are especially suitable


When you are transporting large consignments

For road transportation, an FTL load typically comprises 10-26 pallets or weighs between 15,000 and 44,000 lbs (6,800-20,000kg). If your cargo falls within these dimensions, FTL shipping is often ideal.


When cargo security is critical

Because your merchandise is isolated from other shippers’ goods, the risk of cargo damage/loss is minimal with an FTL service—an important consideration when shipping fragile or expensive goods.


When your shipment is urgent

Full truckload shipping is the best mode of transport for goods that must be delivered within a fixed time window because there are no scheduled stops between pickup and drop-off. 

Going Beyond FTL: Combine our Services to Suit Your Needs

FTL road shipping is just one service we offer among a comprehensive range of logistics solutions in Latin America and the USA. If you need more than full truckload services alone, you can mix and match them with our other services to create freight channels ideal for all your shipping scenarios.

Here are some of the options you can select from, to complement our full truckload carrier service:

FCL or LCL ocean freight transportation

Warehousing services

LTL freight services for your smaller shipments

Domestic, regional, or global air freight

Consolidation for LTL or LCL shipping by other carriers

Customs clearance services

All About Full Truckload Services From Exim Cargo

For overland transportation of larger freight shipments, Exim Cargo’s full truckload freight rates represent a lower-cost alternative to air and ocean freight. Because we have our own fleet of trucks, we can provide a wide range of flexible FTL services and competitive full truckload rates:

Door-to-door delivery

Whether importing, exporting, or moving merchandise within a national territory, our door-to-door FTL transportation offers the safest and fastest mode of overland delivery. We cover the following options:

Refrigerated cargo transport

Our FTL fleet and our partner carriers transport temperature-sensitive goods all over the Americas. Our reefers boast the following features:

Specialized FTL Cargo Services

Whatever your full truckload freight load may be, we have the FTL trucking assets and expertise to deliver it. Our fleet comprises the following:

Need Additional FTL Logistics Services?

Aside from providing you with a competitive FTL freight quote, our experienced full truckload services team is always ready to assist you with cargo insurance, palletizing, warehousing, customs clearance, consolidation, and other services in addition to domestic or international FTL trucking.

Competitive Full Truckload Rates, Flexible Contract Options

Here at Exim, we know that an FTL freight quote which suits one shipper might be completely unsuitable for another. That’s why we offer a range of FTL contract options including same-day and next-day spot contracts, and forward contracts if you prefer to secure specified rates over a longer term.

The one thing all our contracts have in common, though, is a competitive approach to setting full truckload freight rates. We’ll undertake your transportation, but we won’t overstrain your budget! 

So the next time you need an FTL service for your business, get in touch, share your needs, and ask for a customized FTL freight quote from Exim.

What Makes Exim Cargo a Great Choice for FTL Road Logistics?

At Exim Cargo, we serve trade lanes throughout Latin America and the United States, facilitating international business and providing creative solutions for the full logistics process. Our full truckload shipping rates are among the best in the business as any FTL freight quote from us will show.

Global Focus with an American Presence

For domestic and international merchandise shipments that can be completed by road, we offer rapid and efficient FTL shipping operations within and across borders between warehouses and other supply chain nodes. However, as a multimodal freight forwarder, we also offer comprehensive ocean and air freight services that integrate with FTL transportation when necessary to save your business time and/or money. Our extensive agency network gives us a presence in all major international centers of commerce and industry.

Customs Clearance for Cross-border Shipping

Our experts are well-versed in the laws, regulations, tariffs, and agreements that govern cross-border trade, whether you are importing or exporting goods. Ship your commercial freight between any two points in America seamlessly by road and beat the border bottlenecks with our combined trucking and customs clearance services.  

We’re Trusted by These Brands

We love logistics, but for many business professionals, it’s boring, humdrum, and complex—we totally get that. It’s exactly why these successful enterprises chose Exim Cargo to relieve their LCL logistics burden.

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Frequently Asked Questions About FTL Logistics

Trucking is the most common mode of shipping, but is not without its complexities. Here you can find answers to some of the more common questions relating to LTL and FTL transportation.

There are many situations where FTL trucking delivery would be the most appropriate transportation mode for your goods, but they typically fall into the following categories:

1. When your freight is enough to fill an entire truck

2. When your freight is sensitive and would be put at risk if consolidated with other shipments

3. When your consignment is large enough to fall outside the 15,000 lb. (6,800 kg) weight and 10 pallet upper thresholds for LTL trucking.

FTL is based on the carriage of a shipment occupying the entire load space of a commercial goods vehicle (even if in real terms, the shipment does not fill that space entirely). LTL freight shipping requires your goods to share truck space with other shippers’ consignments and share transportation costs.

With FTL shipping you always pay the full truckload freight rates. When you ship LTL, your freight charges are based on a volumetric weight formula representing the actual space your cargo occupies.

If your load is somewhere near the top tier of the LTL limitations, it may pay you to ask full truckload companies for an FTL freight quote as well as to approach a forwarder or carrier for an LTL freight quote—you may just find that the full truckload freight quote offers you a better deal.

FTL freight shipping is for cargo weighing between 15,000 and 44,000 lbs (6,800-20,000kg) and comprising up to 26 pallets. Full truckload freight rates are typically lower, in terms of cost per unit, than LTL rates, but prices differ from one service provider to another, as you will discover if you obtain an FTL freight quote from several different companies to conduct a comparison.

If you opt for full truckload services, it is not necessary for your cargo to fill the entire load space of the truck. But if your goods do not occupy every bit of space, you will still be charged as if they do—in other words, you will be paying full truckload rates to transport air.

Some shippers prefer to enter contracts with full truckload companies even if their loads are smaller, especially when moving sensitive items or facing tight delivery schedules.