Dependable Air Freight Services to, from, and Within the Americas

No air freight quote is more closely matched to your shipping needs than an Exim air freight quote. That’s why freight owners needing fast and secure goods transit anywhere in the Americas, make our air freight forwarding services their go-to solution.

Air cargo services are reliable and easy to track, and while air freight quotes can never match ocean freight for economy, your money buys you the ability to get your merchandise from origin to destination in days rather than weeks. Like all our logistics solutions, Exim’s air freight services are designed to facilitate international business within Latin America and beyond.

When are Air Freight Services Your Best Shipping Option?

Air freight is defined as goods for carriage by aircraft rather than truck or as maritime container freight. Here are three scenarios for which air freight delivery services are especially suitable:

When the need is for speed

Air freight delivery services provide faster transit times than other transportation modes. If you are faced with a tight window for moving your cargo, air freight shipping is a natural first choice.

When shipping small consignments

Because air freight rates can never be described as economical in the same way as ocean freight, for example, most shippers prefer to use an air freight service only for lighter and smaller goods consignments, or for transporting goods of a very high value. 

When airports are much closer than seaports

If your goods are located far from a seaport, the cost of road transportation may outweigh any savings you make by choosing ocean freight. Ask for an air freight quote so you can compare air freight rates with the combined costs of other modes of transport. In this scenario, air freight delivery services may prove the most cost effective shipping solution.

From East to West, Sea-Air Might be Best

Shipping goods to Latin America from China or elsewhere in the Far East? Exim offers a cost-effective shipping solution that combines ocean and air freight services.

Why Choose Exim as Your Air Freight Forwarder?

We specialize in international air freight forwarding, express air freight, and offer a full range of air freight shipping services to support international businesses in Latin America. Our air freight shipping rates are among the most competitive in the region. We provide the following add-on logistics services:


Miami In-Transit Gateway

The optimal access point for shippers from all over the world, enabling transit to and from every airport in Latin America. Features include:


Carrier and Freight Management

Our experts specialize in oversized shipments and employ processes to help shippers reduce costs and increase international air freight efficiency. Our air cargo service strengths comprise:


Real-Time Tracking

Our sophisticated tracking software allows you to follow the progress of your cargo through each step of transit. This benefit is especially pertinent when you opt for our multimodal sea-air freight shipping services.


Carrier and Freight Management

As an international air freight forwarder, we have strong links with a host of IATA-certified airlines that serve the Latin American trade routes. These close partnerships provide us with guaranteed space, the lowest international air freight cost possible, and the fastest transit times. 

Brands that Trust Our Air Freight Service

Over our years in operation we have built strong air freight forwarder partnerships with companies like these, who now prefer air cargo services from Exim Cargo

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