LTL freight in the Americas? Put it All on Us

For 20 years Exim Cargo has been taking care of shippers’ LTL requirements in the Americas. Let us handle your less than truckload logistics so you can do your business—worry free!

Maximise Cost Savings with our LTL Service

With less than truckload shipments you don’t pay for a full trailer. LTL shipping rates apply only to the portion of the truck’s load space that your goods occupy.

Reduce the Risk of Damage to Your Goods

Goods shipped via LTL service must be packaged on pallets, increasing security during transport.


Support Global Emissions Reduction

By using LTL groupage, you help to minimize the amount of trucks on our roads, thereby reducing harmful emissions.


LTL Shipping: What is it and When Should You Use It?

LTL, an acronym for less-than-truckload, refers to a type of road freight in which a truck is used to carry more than one shipper’s goods. LTL freight services allow several businesses to share transport cost and space, maximizing capacity and efficiency while minimizing costs. See below for some scenarios in which it makes sense to seek an LTL quote for your goods.


When your volume is low and speed is of the essence

Perhaps you have many customers and want to get your products to them quickly. With LTL transportation services you can send as many shipments as you want without having to wait for sufficient orders to make a full truckload. LTL shipping rates are particularly cost effective for smaller shipments of between one and six pallets or between 150 and 15,000 lbs.


When you require special services or increased security

LTL transportation services require that your goods are placed and secured on pallets before shipping, making the cargo more secure and reducing the risk of damage. And if you require special services such as liftgates or inside pickup and delivery, LTL shipping rates often include such extras at no additional cost.


When Yours is a small business

If you make use of an LTL delivery service for shipping your small business’ freight consignments, you will not be disadvantaged compared to the big players. By exploiting the economies of scale offered by our LTL freight services, you can enjoy access to the same logistics resources and benefits available to larger enterprises.

For Larger Shipping Operations, Integrate LTL and Other Services

Of course, we recognize that LTL groupage alone might not be sufficient to solve all your logistics challenges, which is why we’re always happy to offer you other options to suit your specific shipping scenarios. Each of those other services, or even several of them, can be combined with an LTL service to create end-to-end supply chain solutions. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

Shipping LTL with Exim: Here’s What You Get

Unlike some forwarders that will offer you an LTL quote, at Exim, we handle every aspect of the logistics process, from collection at origin, through consolidation, transportation, deconsolidation, and last-mile delivery to destination. We also offer specific LTL freight services to suit a range of business logistics scenarios.

Accessorial Services

Choose from a range of accessorial products and services such as:

Specialized LTL Freight Services

Whatever commercial or industry sector your business serves, we have the specialized skills and assets available to move your freight at competitive LTL shipping rates, including:

Expedited LTL Transportation Services

When time is of the essence, Exim Cargo is the LTL partner you can rely on, thanks to our range of expedited LTL transportation services. They include:

Extra Services to Complete Your LTL Experience

LTL logistics is a whole lot easier when you can keep all your essential services under the umbrella of a single provider. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of complementary services for LTL shippers, including warehousing, cargo insurance brokerage, and customs clearance.

Less-than-Truckload, Handled with More-Than-Care

An LTL service will expose your goods to more handling than that required for other transportation modes, which is why we pay special attention to staff training, education, and performance management. 

Our transportation operatives, and those of our partners, are incentivized not only to move your shipments on time and deliver them in full, but also to care for them as if it was their own property, and not somebody else’s, that they are handling.

For super-safe and secure cargo handling at down-to-earth LTL shipping rates, we aspire to be the very best in the industry. That’s why we like to talk with you before you ship with us, so we can ensure the best possible handling and care for your goods while they are in transit, and at every LTL handoff.

When you next need an LTL service, talk to our team about your goods and their handling requirements, and remember to ask for a customized LTL quote. We’re always happy to help!

Exim Cargo for LTL Freight Services: Why Choose Us?

While LTL transportation services may sound straightforward, they involve many moving parts. Exim Cargo is here to help you take the stress out of the process and ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.

A Solid Presence in the USA and Latin America

We have the facilities in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and the expertise to offer industry-leading LTL freight services throughout South America, and our footprint in the United States continues to grow. With plans to expand into Mexico and more South American countries, Exim is a logical choice if you need an LTL quote for shipping anywhere in the Americas.

Our People, Our Technology, Your Competitive Advantage

While many LTL freight forwarders place heavy emphasis on the latest technology, you might have noticed we don’t talk about it so much. That’s because the technology we use is of most benefit to us as an LTL service provider.

It’s not our technology that facilitates your business success through logistics excellence at affordable LTL shipping rates—it’s our people who do that. They just happen to be equipped with the best tech in the business!

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An LTL Logistics FAQ

Less than truckload logistics has been playing a key role in road freight for many years now. However, it’s possible that like many business professionals, you’re not yet aware of all its nuances. If that’s the case, you might find this FAQ useful. It details some of the questions and answers that typically crop up in our conversations with shippers.

Less than truckload freight shipping is a type of road freight where a truck carries the cargo of more than one shipper. Your cargo will take up only part of the truck’s payload capacity, so your LTL quote accounts for the fact that you will be sharing the space (and cost) with other shippers. 

An LTL service is usually used by small and medium-sized businesses which do not generate large enough consignments to require exclusive use of a truck, typically shipping between 150 to 15,000 lbs. or no more than six to seven pallets.

The primary differences between LTL and FTL freight shipping are as follows:

  1. For smaller shipments, LTL shipping rates are lower than FTL, as you only pay for the space that your consignments occupy.
  2. With LTL shipping you can save on warehousing space, reducing costs even further, as you can ship small quantities of goods at frequent intervals. 
  3. LTL transit times are longer than FTL because there are more stops and handoffs. On the other hand, with LTL shipping you can get your goods to your customers quicker, because you do not have to wait for many orders to fill up a truckload.
  4. With FTL your goods will pass through fewer hubs and undergo less handling, minimizing activities that can result in freight damages or losses. On the other hand, LTL may be preferred by some shippers, who see it as more secure because the requirements of palletization increase protection of the goods. 
  5. LTL trucking is more environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of trucks on the road by increasing efficiency and maximising usage of truck space.
  6. LTL transport offers more flexibility on dates and regular schedules than FTL, allowing for improved planning accuracy.
  7. LTL freight gives small businesses access to logistics professionals who can help them improve their operational efficiency and competitiveness.
  8. Due to the complexity of less than truckload shipping, LTL shippers use sophisticated technology to coordinate and manage the process, offering benefits to your business, such as real-time goods tracking and regular automated status updates.
  • The volume you are shipping is low
  • Your goods can withstand increased handling
  • The weight of your goods is between 150 and 15,000 lbs.
  • You do not have stringent time constraints
  • Cost constraints are an important consideration
  • The nature and dimensions of your goods are standard