FCL Ocean Freight for the Americas and Beyond

Choose FCL ocean freight for fast, versatile shipping from port to port or door to door anywhere in the Americas—and around the world. With an entire container assigned to your shipment, you have full control over the space within.

Shipping on a tight budget

Because your goods don’t have to wait for shipment consolidation, full container load shipping is the fastest mode of ocean transportation.

Cost-Effective Shipping

FCL ocean freight attracts cheaper rates per cubic centimetre than LCL shipments. Combine this with the savings made by speedier delivery and the result is cost-effective shipping.

Secure Shipping

Need to ship special equipment or fragile goods? FCL transport is your best option as the risk of damage or loss is minimal.

What is Ocean FCL and When Should You Use It?

FCL is the term used for a single consignment of freight loaded into a 20ft (6.06m) or 40ft (12.2m) container. Here are three scenarios for which FCL shipping is especially suitable


When you ship substantial volumes

Goods occupying more than 10 standard pallets or 14 cubic meters of space attract lower rates when shipped as FCL freight rather than LCL freight. Optimize your costs with FCL shipments.


When cargo integrity and security is critical

The risk of damage or losses to merchandise shipped via FCL service is extremely low, because it is totally isolated from other shippers’ goods and subjected to minimal handoffs en route.


When your shipment is urgent

FCL freight enjoys shorter transit times because it avoids many of the hubs and handoffs that delay LCL shipments. Fast-track your shipment with FCL shipping.

Know Your Container Options for FCL Shipping

As an Exim FCL freight forwarding customer, you can choose from three different container sizes for your cargo, so you can select the one that matches your preferred shipping volume.


20-foot container

Maximum load for FCL transport: 10 standard pallets


40-foot container

Maximum load for FCL transport: 21 standard pallets


40-foot high cube container

Maximum load for FCL transport: 36 standard pallets

Want to ship FCL freight in a non-standard container?

Our ocean freight team is ready to customize an FCL logistics solution for your non-standard cargo or to help you select the best container size and type for your shipment.

Our Key FCL Logistics Services and Features

We offer a range of FCL services that we can tailor to your needs. Start by choosing the standard service that best fits your business and import/export scenario. 

Door-to-Port FCL Shipping

Door-to-port FCL shipping typically offers the most competitive prices for exporters. This service includes:

Door-to-Door FCL Shipments

Let us manage your full container load shipping from origin to final destination. Our door-to-door FCL ocean freight solution includes the following services:

Port-to-Door FCL Shipments

For importers seeking to optimize FCL shipping costs, port-to-door is the best option.

Need Additional FCL Logistics Services?

If you need consolidation, deconsolidation, cargo insurance, or palletizing services, our team of experts is always ready to help.

Every FCL Quote Optimized
for Cost, Speed, and Service

Because we believe in offering the most competitive FCL service, regardless of a shipment’s origin and destination, we like to talk to our customers before issuing a quote. 

So don’t miss the chance to experience truly optimized FCL logistics. 

Get in touch and talk to us about your next FCL shipment.

Why Choose Exim Cargo for FCL Ocean Freight Shipping?

Exim Cargo facilitates international business within Latin America and provides comprehensive solutions for the entire logistics process. Our FCL freight forwarding services cover sailings to and from the US, Asia, and Europe. 

An Americas Focus with a Global Presence

We operate a fast, efficient, and responsive regional and global FCL shipping operation, aided by a comprehensive agency network to give us a presence in all important international ports.

Shipping and Customs clearance, All in One

We have teams of experts ready to steer your goods through customs, whether you are importing or exporting goods. We always keep abreast of ever-changing tariffs, laws, agreements, and regulations.

Our shipping clients and partners

Exim Cargo proudly provides FCL services and partnership opportunities for a wide range of international and Latin American companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About FCL Ocean Shipping

Ocean shipping of full container load freight is a complex process, so it’s little wonder that new shippers often have questions for us. Here are some of those which customers most often ask.

We’re often asked to provide a comparison of Ocean FCL vs LCL. Full container load freight means shipment of a standard 20-foot or 40-foot container occupied by goods belonging to a single shipper. It does not literally have to be full. The shipper has the option to fill as much of the container space as necessary, up to the limits of the weight and volume capacity. LCL is the term used for a shipment that’s small enough to require only a portion of a container’s capacity. In this case, cargo consignments belonging to several shippers are loaded into a single container.

HC stands for inland haulage charges and refers to the fee for transporting a container from a freight station to the port of loading and vice versa.

The term refers to the number of days that a port will allow an importer to keep a container in the port area before charging storage fees.

The term refers to the number of days a shipping line gives a customer to pick up a container, take it away for unpacking, and return the empty container.

Detention charges are levied by the shipping line when an importer fails to return an empty container before the expiry of the permitted line-free days.

Demurrage charges are levied by a shipping line when an importer fails to take delivery of a container within the stipulated line-free days.