Our logistics and freight forwarding services are comprehensive and tailored especially to the needs of businesses in Latin America. Your confidence in us is everything, which is why we don’t specialize in one shipping mode over any others. Much more than a freight forwarder, we’re a true one-stop logistics provider that you can trust implicitly with all your freight.


If you need a freight forwarding door to door service, from anywhere, to anywhere, you won’t find us falling short of expectations. An extensive network of international customs clearance and freight forwarding partners ensures our global reach, and your international business success.


We don’t apply cookie-cutter solutions to our international cargo services. From delivery of a freight rate quote to planning a globe spanning multimodal route for an urgent and unusual shipment, our methods spurn the standardized approach of the conventional freight forwarder, to ensure the best possible solution for every specific freight scenario faced by your business.

Primary International Cargo Services


Get Higher Standards of Shipping Excellence for Lower FCL and LCL Freight Rates

Our ocean freight rates are as economical as any available to businesses in Latin America and the USA—but we pack in a lot more value than most. 

Choose from our FCL or LCL ocean shipping services and take advantage of the following features and benefits:

Our Trucking Freight Rates Can’t be Bettered – Our Services Can’t be Beaten

We’re well known and favoured among Latin American shippers as a premier provider of road logistics services. Our clients who ship FTL and LTL freight rate our solutions as some of the most complete and comprehensive in the freight forwarding business. 

Get your freight on the road and benefit from out FTL and LTL domestic and cross-border solutions, with features that include:



Fly Your Cargo at Competitive International Air Freight Rates

When speed is of the essence, and value for money a priority, you won’t find an air cargo freight forwarder more competitive than Exim Cargo. 

Here are some of the key features of the service we offer at a realistic and affordable air freight rate:

Our Complementary Services

We provide a range of additional services to complement the core freight forwarder duties and responsibilities that we undertake with passion. These complementary services are often integrated into our air, road, and ocean freight solutions, but you can also take advantage of them as standalone options if you prefer. 

Custom Clearance


In Our Customers’ Words

Naturally, we’re proud of what we’ve created and achieved here at Exim Cargo, and we know it’s easy to blow our own trumpet. But we don’t expect you to feel that our word is all you have, and the words of satisfied customers carry far more weight, we know. 

We hope that one day we’ll be asking you for a testimonial, but for now, we’re happy for you to know what some of our existing clients think about shipping with Exim Cargo.

Why Choose Exim Cargo as Your Global Freight Forwarder?

With a comprehensive package of logistics services, including warehousing, customs clearance and freight forwarding, and shipment consolidation, we can help you place all your import and export activity under one roof.

Deal with one logistics provider instead of several, and benefit from our commitment, expertise, and the following customer advantages that we offer.

Get customized freight rate quotes with no hidden extras

When calculating freight rates, some freight forwarding companies make it hard for shippers to understand exactly what fees and charges are covered, and what additional charges might arise.

We don’t do that. Every quote you receive from us will highlight all elements of expenditure, from the basic air freight, trucking, or container freight rate, to the additions and extras such as fuel surcharges and port fees.

We take care of your freight even when it’s not on the move

Who wants to deal with the administration and management involved when one provider handles your transportation, another your customs obligations, another your warehouse storage, and so on? 

At Exim Cargo, we take care of everything, so you can eliminate the logistics distractions and gain maximum leverage from your core business strengths.

Sophisticated freight tracking keeps you always in the logistics loop

Gone are the days when you had to chase your international freight forwarder, customs broker, or other logistics providers to find out the status of your shipments. Our real-time tracking means you always know exactly where your freight is, from the first mile to the last.

A loss to you is a loss to us – and we don’t like losses!

We conduct all our shipping and storage processes with security as the number one priority. While there may be occasions when a shipment falls behind schedule, or a carrier hitch means we have to offer an apology for delays, the one thing you won’t hear us saying is that your cargo mysteriously disappeared in transit. Our security arrangements are second to none in the logistics and transportation industry.

We are always delighted to discuss your shipping needs. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about how we can help.

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