Extend Your Global Reach with our LCL and FCL Services

Choose an ocean LCL or FCL service for ease of shipping, cost effectiveness, cargo security, and lower emissions.

For more than 20 years, Exim Cargo has been helping businesses meet their international shipping needs in the Americas. Ocean freight is one of the oldest and most common modes of international transport. Shipping by sea at a down to earth LCL or FCL freight rate is especially suitable when you don’t face tight deadlines and can plan your shipments well in advance. 

Ocean freight is one of the most flexible and economical ways to transport goods, enabling worldwide reach and reliable schedules, and emitting far less carbon dioxide than air freight. The two main options for ocean freight are LCL and FCL shipping.


A full container load, or FCL service, provides you with exclusive use of a shipping container to fill with your cargo.

Choose Exim Cargo’s FCL services for speedy shipping anywhere in the Americas and around the world. We are here to provide you with a competitive FCL quote. 

When you have a large volume of goods to ship, FCL service offers cheaper rates per cubic centimeter (FCL freight rate) compared to LCL shipping. 

FCL service also allows for shorter transit times than LCL, as you avoid the need for consolidation and de-consolidation at various points in the process. And with minimal handling of your goods through the process, FCL services are ideal for shipping fragile, irregularly sized or awkwardly shaped items, and even dangerous goods. 


LCL, or less than container load allows you to move smaller consignments more affordably than at FCL container rates, since you pay only for the space needed for your goods.

Choose LCL shipping services instead of paying the higher FCL rate if you have a smaller consignment to ship within the Americas region or globally. If speed is not crucial, LCL shipping is the ideal solution when you can’t fill a shipping container, since a small shipment doesn’t justify payment at an FCL rate. 

With LCL you save money compared to FCL container rates as you will only be charged for the size of your consignment, based on a volumetric weight calculation. By sending small consignments at regular intervals, LCL shipping also allows you to keep your inventory lean. And when containers are scarce, it may be easier to secure shipping space using LCL vs FCL services.

3 Reasons to Choose an LCL or FCL Service for International Shipping

Whether you have large or small volumes of cargo to ship internationally, LCL and FCL services provide the most economical solutions, allow for the easiest international transportation with fewest restrictions, and, at the FCL freight rate, can accommodate the largest shipments cost effectively. 

And don’t forget, LCL and FCL services are more environmentally friendly compared to other modes of transport! 

Here are three scenarios in which it makes sense to seek a competitive LCL or FCL quote and ship your exports or imports as ocean freight:

Importing or exporting fragile, hazardous, or restricted goods

Our LCL and FCL services, as opposed to air freight, are subject to fewer restrictions on the types of goods you can ship. And in the case of door-to-door FCL container rates you get use of the shipping container throughout the overland legs of transportation too, so your merchandise stays securely sealed up and not subjected to excessive handling.

Large freight shipments

One of the advantages of an FCL service is that you can send virtually any size of cargo, be it oversized, bulky, heavy, or otherwise unsuitable to move as air freight. However, with several different container sizes and types available, you have several options for FCL shipping, so it can be suitable for smaller loads too. You might, for example, find that an FCL rate for a 20-foot box cost effective for your nine-pallet consignment.

Shipping on a tight budget

When you need to ship goods on a smaller budget, an LCL or FCL rate allows transportation of greater volumes at lower prices compared to air freight, especially for longer distances. For shipping within the Americas, it can even be worth comparing an FCL quote against the price of overland long-distance line haul trucking. Depending on the origin and destination, ocean freight might be the more economical option.

Your Ocean Freight Gateway to the Americas

For more than 20 years we have facilitated business in the Americas through logistics innovation and flexibility. For example, we’ve introduced time and money-saving solutions such as our popular multimodal freight forwarding service from Asia, which combines ocean and air freight for goods to Latin America. 

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, which is why, when you contact us, you will always have a person to talk to who will find the most suitable LCL routing option or the most attractive FCL freight rate to suit your needs. 

Why not put us to the test, and ask for an LCL or FCL quote for your next shipment?

Choose LCL and FCL Shipping with Exim?

With our extensive physical presence in the Americas, competitive LCL and FCL freight rates, and integration of services, we can offer you total supply chain coverage. But that’s not the only good reason to get an LCL or FCL quote from Exim Cargo. Here are four more.

Transparent Pricing

Many factors can affect an FCL freight rate and add volatility to FCL vs LCL costs, but our quotes broken out in a transparent way, so you know what you are paying for. We can provide you a daily FCL rate based on market prices or we can offer a committed FCL quote up to 30 days in advance.


Warehouse Storage

Our bonded warehouses utilize state of the art warehouse management systems and are staffed with experienced professionals, offering the highest level of service and security for your cargo as it moves through the supply chain.


Real-Time Tracking

With Exim Cargo LCL and FCL services, you can track your goods throughout the transportation process, allowing you to manage your shipments and giving you peace of mind.


Security for Cargo

We ensure our containers are sealed and locked during LCL and FCL shipping, providing you with extra security. And as a freight forwarding service provider, we can assist you in the procurement of insurance for your additional cargo protection. 

A Multitude of Satisfied Shippers

With 20 years in the business, Exim Cargo is a favorite for enterprises shipping to and from the Americas. We will proudly help your business thrive as we have for these successful companies.

We are always happy to help you overcome your shipping challenges. Please get in touch with us by email:


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