We Feed Your Ground Freight Transportation Needs

Trucking is the most cost-effective solution worldwide for shipping freight domestically and between countries connected by land borders.

Choose Exim’s road freight transport service for fast, versatile road transportation anywhere in the Americas. You’ll find our trucking freight rates among the most competitive in the region, whether you have goods to ship as full truckload freight or less than truckload freight.


Full truckload freight is the fastest and most secure mode of road transportation.

Full truckload service is a logistics term referring to a mode of shipping in which a truck is dedicated to the freight of a single shipper. It carries the following advantages over less than truckload (LTL) shipping:

1. Rapid transit:

Since your goods don’t have to wait for shipment consolidation, full truckload services offer the quickest mode of road transportation.

2. Cost-effective carriage:

Full truckload shipping rates are cheaper than LTL shipping rates, as a ground freight quote from Exim will show. It’s sometimes possible to benefit from these lower rates even if you can’t fill a truck. To learn more, ask us about our partial truckload shipping rates.c

3. Secure transportation:

Full truckload services provide the safest way to transport freight because your load is handled only at pickup and drop-off points, not at a range of transport hubs as is the case with LTL shipping.

FTL shipping might be your preferred choice for transporting your inland freight when:


For goods consignments too small to fill a truck, less than truckload ground shipping is typically the most cost-effective mode of road freight transport.

For smaller shippers, less-than-truckload shipping is often the preferred mode of transporting ground freight, for the following reasons

1. Costs

With less than truckload freight, you pay only for the portion of the truck’s load space that your goods occupy. Truck freight rate quotes, therefore, are typically lower than full truckload shipping rates.

2. Palletization:

Merchandise shipped as less than truckload freight must be made secure on pallets, thus minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

3. Emissions reduction

Because your goods are sharing a ride with the freight of other shippers, fewer trucks travel the roads, helping to reduce global emissions.

Here are three situations in which less than truckload shipping would be your best option for transporting ground freight:

3 Reasons to Choose an LTL or Full Truckload Transport Service

Trucks and trailers can reach most places by land, so ground freight shipping is often the fastest and most versatile way to move goods within a country, and when it comes to Latin America, often across borders as well.

Here are three scenarios that lend themselves to the use of LTL and FTL services for your freight:

For shorter inland freight distances

Unless your delivery window is especially tight, transporting goods by air over short distances does not make economic sense. Freight rates for trucking are far lower, and, in many instances, a full truckload service can achieve same day delivery while less than truckload shipping could conceivably meet next-day delivery deadlines.

For heavy or bulky loads

Air freight is notoriously expensive, especially for larger consignments, so for domestic or regional shipments of large or heavy freight items, or for a large volume of cargo, an FTL ground freight quote will be less punishing on your budget. Only ocean freight might prove cheaper than inland freight rates, but may not be practical and is certainly far slower than LTL or a full truckload transport service.

For dangerous goods

Airlines, understandably, are ultra-strict when it comes to transporting potentially dangerous or hazardous goods. Ground freight transport companies employ trained experts to oversee the packing and transport of sensitive goods in a way that mitigates risks, and freight rates for trucking hazardous goods, while higher than for other freight categories, are not inordinately expensive.

Truck Freight Rate Quotes to Suit Your Circumstances

One fact we have learned during our many years of road freight transport service provision is that no two ground freight solutions are the same. For this reason, we prefer to calculate ground freight shipping rates in discussion with each individual client.

There are many factors to consider when estimating a ground freight rate, such as:

Once we have determined these and other factors, we can inform you about various trucking freight rates including LTL and full truckload shipping rates, and deliver ground freight quotes for your goods, including FTL and LTL truck freight quotes that other freight forwarders will find hard to beat. 

We urge you not to rush when it comes to considering your ground freight transportation needs. Our specialists will walk you through all the steps and offer you the best truck freight rate quotes you are likely to find in the region. 

Features and Facilities of our Ground Freight Shipping Solutions

With our focus on facilitating international trade in Latin America, we are the go-to logistics specialists in the region. Our ground freight transportation services are packed with features and facilities to ensure you enjoy safe, economical, and convenient road freight shipping:


Transparent Pricing

We include all the costs to the shipper in our truck freight rate quotes so there are no surprises further down the line.

Our experts are ready to take you step by step through the process we use to calculate a ground freight quote. When compared to other shipping companies, our LTL and full truckload shipping rates are hard to beat. 


Warehouse Storage

Through a network of partnerships, we have access to warehouse facilities across Latin America.

Our full truckload service, partial truckload shipping, and other inland freight rates for trucking are yours to choose from, and our services can be integrated with our warehousing facilities for a complete end-to-end inland freight solution.  


Real-Time Tracking

Our tracking software allows you to follow your shipment’s progress in transit across Latin America and further afield.

Because we use GPS-linked software, border crossings pose no problems and you can track your goods from origin to destination, no matter how far apart they are.


Customs Clearance for Cross-border Shipping

Whether you are importing or exporting goods overland, our customs clearance agents will take care of border formalities for you.

While our full truckload service is simpler when it comes to crossing frontiers, our agents are well-versed in steering less than truckload freight through the more complex procedures necessary when multiple shippers are involved.

Brands that Trust Our Road Freight Service

These companies, along with many others, have total trust in our road freight team, and consistently choose us as their preferred freight forwarding partner.

Our road freight service specialists are available between 08:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can email us with your questions or to request a road freight quote (FTL or LTL) at hello@eximcargo.com.

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