Large and Small Warehouse Storage Solutions for Your Enterprise

It can be tough to penetrate new markets if your enterprise has no presence in the region, but with Exim Cargo you can outsource your entire supply chain into Latin America or the USA. 

We can take care of the end-to-end logistics process for you, and, when your merchandise arrives, we can receive it in our warehouse facilities, store, pick, pack, and dispatch it to your local customers on demand.

Benefits of Contract Warehouse Inventory Management

With the global explosion of ecommerce, it has never been easier—or more advantageous—to sell into markets where your business has no physical presence. You don’t need to cut your margins by selling to local distributors, and you don’t need to lose control by engaging overseas agents.

Instead, you can place your inventory in supply chain warehouses owned by local logistics companies, and take advantage of integration between your ecommerce platform and your provider’s warehouse management system, to keep full control of the sales and order management process.

If you prefer to retain even more control, you can, of course, take advantage of warehouse space for lease and set up a supply chain warehouse with a local workforce within the geography of your target market.

At Exim Cargo, we offer a flexible range of supply chain warehouse logistics solutions to help you gain a presence in several American regions, and can also provide warehouse space to lease if that’s all your enterprise needs.

Supply Chain Warehouse Logistics Options From Exim

Warehouse Space for Lease

If you want the freedom to develop a warehouse storage and picking system of your preferred design, deploy the WMS (warehouse management system) of your choice, and take care of your labor requirements without external help, we offer warehouse space to lease in several locations.

Supply Chain Warehouse Inventory Management

We’ll take care of your inventory in our secure supply chain warehouses, receiving, storing, picking, and packing it for delivery. When you need to place inventory closer to your customers in Latin America and the USA, it can be in no safer hands than ours

Bonded Warehouse Facilities

We have bonded warehouse facilities in Miami, Florida, and elsewhere, at which you can locate your inventory free from customs duties. The duty only becomes payable when your goods are ready to leave the bonded warehouse for onward shipment or delivery to your customers.

Specialized Supply Chain Warehouses

We can provide storage and warehouse inventory management for your specialized supply chain. Whether you deal in frozen or temperature-controlled goods, fragile or delicate merchandise, or goods that require other forms of specialized warehousing, Exim Cargo can help.

Why Choose Exim to Handle Your Supply Chain Warehouse Logistics?


Flexible Warehouse Inventory Management Options

From simply availing of our warehouse space for lease, through to setting up a complete hub and spoke network using our free zone facilities and bonded transportation, you have a wealth of options for warehousing with Exim Cargo.


Total Visibility of Your Inventory

We have deployed a best-of-breed warehouse management system in our supply chain warehouses, capable of integration with your ecommerce or other retail and order management applications, so you have total visibility of the inventory you place in our care.


Regional and Local Knowledge

Rules and regulations for warehousing and logistics in the Americas can differ from one country to the next. By placing your inventory within the auspices and management of our logistics teams, you can be sure that regulatory compliance is one issue you won’t need to worry about.

Other Services

Of course, Exim Cargo is a freight forwarder as well as a provider of large and small warehouse storage solutions. As our customer, you can take advantage of the following services, any of which you can combine with our warehousing solutions as you require:

Air Freight

Ocean Freight

Inland / Road Freight



We’re always delighted to help you overcome warehouse inventory management challenges. To discuss your needs with our logistics experts, contact us by email or phone:

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 20:00

Supply Chain Warehouse Logistics FAQ

We know that businesses like yours, the kind that might require warehouse services, don’t necessarily have a deep understanding of our industry. That’s exactly why we exist as a service provider—and why we’re happy to highlight some of the questions that shippers most commonly ask our experts.

We provide large and small warehouse storage solutions for customers in all industries.

We calculate our rates primarily on the basis of the space required to house your merchandise, the speed at which it will move into and out of our warehouse, and on any specific handling requirements associated with the product.

Our warehouse management system enables round-the-clock, real-time monitoring of our customers’ inventory levels. We can either provide you with direct access to our system, or interface with your company’s IT solutions for seamless inventory control.

When you import goods into a country, it’s almost certain that your shipments will be subject to customs duties. However, if you place your inventory into a bonded warehouse, you can defer the payment of duty until the goods leave the warehouse. 

This can be beneficial for example, when you want to avoid the shock of a large import duty fee for a high-volume shipment. You can instead spread the costs by paying duty just before we dispatch your goods in smaller quantities from the bonded warehouse, either to customers or as replenishment shipments to other warehouses or distribution centers.