Exim, Your All-in-One Freight Forwarder and Logistics Provider

With a string of strategically sited warehouses and an extensive network of agents and customs brokerage experts, Exim is your go-to provider for innovative logistics solutions in the Americas.

Customs Clearance

Exim Cargo offers comprehensive customs clearance services to smooth the passage of your goods across international borders.

Whichever way you choose to send your merchandise across international borders, Exim Cargo is ready to partner with you as a freight forwarder and to provide advanced customs brokerage services. 

Our customs clearance agents specialize in the procedures pertaining to imports and exports in the US and Latin America. To ensure there is no holdup when your goods arrive at a port, they stay continuously on top of each country’s ever-changing customs rules and regulations.

Need a specialist at customs to handle your goods? 

Want advice on importing and exporting cargo? 

Concerned about how to avoid problems at customs? 

You can rely on our agents to be there for you. They will also help you work your way through the different types of documentation required for customs clearance. And if you have sensitive goods to transport across borders, our experts will help you identify what items are prohibited, what are restricted, and what are permitted under special authorization. 

Warehouse Services

With warehousing facilities across Latin America and the United States, we are well-placed to provide inventory management services to complement our air, road, and ocean transportation solutions.

Perhaps you aim to break into the Latin American and US markets but are struggling to establish a meaningful presence. If so, we have a solution: by tapping into our extensive logistics services, you can outsource your entire supply chain into the region. 

Under this arrangement, we receive your goods at our fulfillment centers when they arrive. By integrating your ecommerce platform with our warehouse management system, we can monitor your orders. As an order arrives, we can pick, pack, and deliver it to your customers.

This methodology allows you to retain full control of the sales and order management process while allowing our teams to deliver orders as fast as possible for maximum customer satisfaction.

An option that will provide you with even more control is to lease warehouse space from us and use local resources to serve markets in the region.

Our extensive inventory management services include bonded warehouse facilities in Miami, Florida, and several other locations, and refrigerated warehouse facilities for frozen or temperature-sensitive goods.

Consolidation Services

As a leading logistics provider in the Americas, Exim has established a reputation for providing fast, compliant, consolidated freight services to businesses that frequently use the LTL and LCL modes of shipping in the region.

While enabling access to an extensive network of logistics partners across Latin America, the US, and even further afield, we provide you with all the benefits of dealing with just one logistics provider for all your consolidation needs.


Exim Cargo’s specializations also encompass air freight consolidation, reefer LCL consolidation, pharma consolidated freight services, refrigerated goods consolidation, reefer LCL consolidation, and consolidation for a range of niche industries.

Primary Freight Forwarding/Logistics Services

Air Freight

Ocean Freight

Inland / Road Freight

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